Like it or not, politics impacts every facet of your life. It is important that you involve yourself in the political process if you wish to make changes in your neighborhood and beyond. At the very least, be sure that your voter registration is up to date. You can accomplish this here, and if you’re a new voter, you can also use this resource to get registered for the first time. Get involved, and be sure to vote in presidential AND local elections! Every vote counts!

2016 State-Wide Endorsements


Governor Jay Inslee is a proven ally of Washington’s working families and the WSBCTC. At the top of his list of accomplishments is the leadership role played in passing the $16 Billion transportation funding package in 2015. The struggle to secure votes for the new infrastructure investment required three years of negotiations and Governor Inslee maintained his resolve throughout to ensure that a bipartisan agreement was reached. Governor Inslee delivered on jobs.

“Our current circumstances demand we redouble our efforts to assure we build an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few. Major investments in infrastructure and the jobs that creates, strengthening labor unions, increasing the minimum wage, assuring people don’t have to go to work while being sick, and paid family leave, are some of what we should do to give people confidence that our new high tech, trade- dependent state is going to produce economic security for every working family.”


Tina is a first generation American whose career and accomplishments embody the best of our national identity and spirit. Foremost among her principles that she would bring to the Secretary of State’s office is the belief that voting and equitable elections are fundamental to a healthy democracy here in Washington. Tina’s strong belief in equality for all guides her work in leadership roles with Washington Citizens for Fairness, the Pride Foundation and The Human Rights Campaign.

“Where you live, how much money you make, or the color of your skin shouldn’t determine whether you get to vote. As Secretary of State I will strongly support the Washington Voting Rights Act and work to break down any and all barriers to voting.”


Bob is working to protect workers’ rights, reduce wage theft, and improve worker safety. He has dedicated resources to criminally prosecuting wage theft. He introduced legislation to keep state contracts from being awarded to repeat or willful wage theft violators. Bob filed litigation against the federal government to ensure a safe work environment for the workers at the Hanford nuclear facility. Bob is committed to defending collective bargaining from attacks similar to what we have seen in Wisconsin, and across the country.

“Those who work hard are entitled to the wages they earn. Not paying an employee’s wages is the same as stealing from that worker. Unfortunately, these two crimes are rarely treated the same, which is why I recently filed the second wage theft criminal prosecution ever brought by the state.”


During his time as Representative of Washington’s 22nd legislative district, Chris Reykdal has been a champion of labor and an exceptional advocate for working families. Chris is a skilled leader and has a vision for education in our state that includes the reintroduction of career and technical education.

“Our greatest obligation is not to short-term solutions, but to long-term sustainability for our children and grandchildren. By making tough choices today, we can have a strong economy, a healthier environment, a world-class education system, and a strong safety net for vulnerable families. These create the substance of long-term success.”

State Building Trades Congressional Endorsements

7th Congressional District
Pramila Jayapal

3rd Congressional District
Jim Moeller

Seattle/King County Building Trades Endorsements

Legislative District 1
Derek Stanford – House 1

Legislative District 5
Mark Mullet – Senate

Legislative District 11
Bob Hasegawa – Senate
Zach Hudgins – House 1
Steve Berquist – House 2

Legislative District 30
Mike Pelliccioti – House 1
Kristine Reeves – House 2

Legislative District 31
Lane Walthers – House 2

Legislative District 32
Cindy Ryu – House 1

Legislative District 33
Tina Orwall – House 1
Mia Gregerson – House 2

Legislative District 36
Gael Tarleton – House 2

Legislative District 41
Lisa Wellman – Senate

Legislative District 43
Frank Chopp – House 2

Legislative District 45
Roger Goodman – House 1

Legislative District 47
Pat Sullivan – House 2

Legislative District 48
Patricia Kuderer – House 1
Joan McBride – House 2

Lieutenant Governor
Cyrus Habib

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Chris Reykdal

State Supreme Court
Mary Yu

Congressional Deistrict 7
Dual Endorsement
Pramila Jayapal & Joe McDermott